Golden Chance Lotto FAQS

Golden Chance Lotto FAQS

1_ What is the Golden Chance Lotto?

Golden Chance  Lotto is an online lottery. Golden Chance Lotto set up an organization in Feb 2005 in lotto services. Golden Chance lotto is regulated by the(NLRC) and Nigeria in all states. That stands for “National Lotteries Regulatory Commission”

2_How do I sign up / register?

Click on “Join Us” in the top right-hand corner, fill in the registration form and submit it by clicking on “Register”. A validation code will be sent to the telephone number or (and) the email address used in registering.
N.B: Your personal details need to be correct

3_How much do I pay to register?

No,  you pay the registration fee.

4_Can I change my username?

No, you can not change my username.

5_Who can play?

Your age (18) and plus (18) your age So, You play this game.

6_How do I change my password?

Yes, I changed my password. Golden Chance Lotto profile page section you change your password.

7_What if I forget my password?

if you forget your password, click on Forgot Password that you see on the sign in page. Golden Chance required your email with a new password. After some moment will be sent an email from Golden Chance with your new password.

8_Can I update personal details?

Yes, you can update personal details. Before this you Contact our Customer Services.

9_Can I have multiple accounts?

No, i can not have multiple accounts Multiple. Golden Chance Lotto no allowed multiple accounts.

10_What is the minimum and maximum amount to play?

You have minimum stake per transaction is #5. You have maximum #2500.

11_What is the minimum deposit?

Your wallet have #100 for minimum deposit.

12_How much can I withdraw at once?

You #1000 Minimum Withdrawal.

13_Would I be charged for withdrawals?

No,  you cannot be charged for withdrawals. Golden Chance Lotto does not give any fee on your Withdrawal.

14_How do I check my previous transactions?

You can check your previous transactions. Before Login to your account and click “Transactions” . There you see all previous transactions with “transaction id”.

15_How soon after the draw will results be available?

After some time, Results are available.

16_How do I check my tickets?

You check your tickets, open your account and select Tickets.

17_Can my ticket expire?

Yes and No.
YES for customers who have physical tickets (lotto tickets expire 4 days after it has been resulted).
NO for Online Players, Playing online eliminates the risk of missing out on a prize as any winnings are automated into your wallet account.

18_What do I do if I lose my ticket?

Golden chance lotto will not be responsible for lost or stolen lotto tickets. It is strongly advised you keep your tickets properly and away from moisture.
To avoid losing your ticket, you can play online. As your ticket selection is securely stored in your wallet, there is no worry over losing your play slip.

19_How do i claim my winnings?

You can claim winnings through any of this ways:

• Request for Payout on the website
• Tender ticket at any of Stands
• Tender ticket at any of offices

20_How do I pay?

Before you can do any kind of real money gambling online you will have to deposit funds into your wallet account. Deposits can be made using any of the mediums:

• Debit cards
• Bank Transfer
• Interswitch web pay (you can use this medium by clicking on payment on our platform)
• Other Payment Platform (Such as Quickteller, Pay stack).