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Check the Premier Lotto Baba Ijebu Result for National Today Baba Ijebu Result across the nation. List of the last 30 National Lottery draws.

Baba Ijebu Today’s Result

Baba Ijebu Result for National Today

Every Saturday at 7:15 p.m., there are National Lotto drawings. After the draw’s results are announced, the Baba Ijebu results are immediately published. Here are the most recent Baba Ijebu lottery results:

24 December 2022, Saturday

Lotto Winning Numbers                                   ? ? ?

Did you win Royal Lotto Dec 24?

[NONothing] [YESBanker] [YESTwo Sure] [YES3 numbers] [YES4 numbers] [WOOHOOJackpot]


Poll Results (76)

Two Sure22
3 numbers6
4 numbers1

National Last Winning Lotto Numbers

List of last 30 draws for Baba Ijebu National lotto game including day, time and winning numbers:

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National Hot & Cold Numbers

You’ve probably noticed that certain numbers keep showing up in draws without fail. Due to their likelihood of being selected, these often chosen numbers, also referred to as “hot numbers,” are used by many seasoned lottery players.

View the list of the National Lotto game’s most and least commonly drawn numbers!

Hot Numbers

58 – 55 – 63 – 35 – 59 – 41 – 5

Cold Numbers

68 – 4 – 57 – 48 – 20 – 10 – 83


Are you interested in finding out your chances of winning the Baba Ijebu Jackpot? To win, you must correctly select a set of 5 numbers. One is the lowest number you can select. 90 is the highest number you can select. You can only select a certain number once each try (per lottery ticket, etc.)

You have a 1 in 43,949,268

Just remember this good saying: “To win, you have to play!”

More Baba Ijebu Results

Check the latest Baba Ijebu Lotto results for the week:



[Gold 9:45 AM][06 12:45 PM][Jackpot 3:45 PM][Lucky 7:15 PM][Club Master 7:15 PM][Super 10:45 PM]



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