Fruit Farm Workers in Australia 2023

Fruit Farm Workers in Australia 2023
Fruit Farm Workers in Australia 2023

Fruit Farm Workers in Australia 2023

Full Job Description

For Fruit Farm Workers in Australia 2023 Musa Contractors is located at Nerada, Qld. We’re looking for a full time Fruit Farm Worker to join our business. Our business is operating from Monday- Friday for roughly 7- 8 hours per day. We’re looking for a full time hand offering a monthly payment of$ 60,000 per annum10.5 super.
The successful aspirants must be suitable to perform these crucial liabilities and duties
Utilising hand tools and agrarian outfit similar as ranch ministry to plant trees, seeds, seedlings, roots, bulbs and other types of shops.
Using agrarian outfit and ranch ministry to cultivate, fertilize, spot and gather fruit.
Chemical spraying of trees and other shops to help the spread of conditions, fungi, insects and weeds.
Hoeing, thinning and trouncing trees and vines, as well as weeding and hoeing row crops.
Grading, sorting, bunching and packaging product into holders.
Flushing land for crop growth.
picking and picking fruit according to size and newness; discarding decaying and effete yield.
lading fruit holders into exchanges.

Experience Required:

The successful aspirant must have the following
At least 1 time of applicable work experience. further experience within the field will be looked at advantageously.

Job Requirements For Fruit Farm Workers in Australia 2023

For Fruit Farm Workers in Australia 2023 Must hold a instrument 1 or advanced completed in Australia.
1. Time Management- Managing one’s own time and the time of others.
2. Active harkening- Giving full attention to what other people are saying, taking time to understand the points being made, asking questions as applicable, and not interposing at unhappy times.
3. Active literacy- Understanding the counteraccusations of new information for both current and unborn problem working and decision timber.
4. Monitoring- Monitoring/ Assessing performance of yourself, other individualities, or associations to make advancements or take corrective action.
5. Critical Thinking- Using sense and logic to identify the strengths and sins of indispensable results, conclusions and approaches to problems.
6. Quality Control Analysis- Conducting tests and examinations of products, services or processes to estimate quality or performance.


Salary$ 60,000.00 per time

Job Schedule:

8 hour shift
Monday to Friday
Capability to swap dislocate

Nerada, QLD 4860 Reliably commute or planning to dislocate before starting work( needed)
Work Authorisation

Australia( needed)
Work position In person

Hiring perceptivity
Hiring 1 seeker for this part

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