How much do men know about women’s bodies?

How much do men know about women’s bodies?

How many fallopian tubes are there in a woman’s body? In the most recent Roe v. Bros video, comedian Tiffany Springle, dressed in a vivid purple outfit, poses the question. Her male subject replies sincerely, “Wow!… What is a fallopian tube?!” How should a tampon be used? What exactly does PMS mean? Can expectant women swim? The size of a human egg Sprengel questions men about the female body experience from New York to Georgia, and the responses she receives reveal a little-known truth: the sex education gap is quite real.

The goal of the video game television series Roe vs. Bros is not to humiliate or make fun of the participating males. In fact, a few of the Roe v. Bros team members are guys themselves. Director, editor, and producer Brian Neaman, writer Billy Custer, and art director Ivan Blotta are the creators of the show. The show’s executive producer is Tracy Moore, and comedian Springle has been added as the host. Just days before the midterm elections, on November 2, the first episode went live and asked men whether or not women can urinate while using a tampon.

How much do men know about women's bodies?

Furthermore, the timing was not accidental. Since the Supreme Court reversed Roe v. Wade in June, the discussion about reproductive care has only intensified. Many reproductive decisions are now made by lawmakers, frequently male lawmakers, rather than the person with the uterus because access to abortion has been restricted. The video series’ title was inspired by that.

Custer tells Yahoo Life, “We wanted to expose the hypocrisy of how little males understand about women’s bodies, [even though] they’re the ones voting and making decisions in government. “We collaborated with Brian Neaman, who came up with the idea to post the game show on TikTok, after we acquired the game show’s concept. In less than a week after discovering Tiffany, we went to Union Square Park in New York City and made it happen.”

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