Personal Driver Requirement in New York

Personal Driver Requirement in New York

Personal Driver Requirement in New York

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SALARY RANGE: $75,000 – $80,000/ YEAR


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Personal Driver Requirement in New York



Assist clients promptly when they arrive at their homes, workplaces, hotels, or airports.
Keep yourself and your passengers safe by operating and handling your car within the necessary bounds.

As necessary, modify the path to avoid congested areas or ongoing road construction.
Help customers pack and unpack their belongings.
To stay informed about current road conditions, pay attention to weather and traffic news.
Ensure that every passenger is in a discrete yet friendly environment.
Execute basic repairs and maintain the aesthetics of the car.
Make sure the car seats are cosy and spotless.
letting the passengers in via the doors and seeing to it that they are comfortable the whole way.


In addition to having the ability to explain and show that, with or without a reasonable accommodation, they are capable of carrying out the essential duties of the position using any other combination of knowledge, skills, and abilities, the candidate must also have the following knowledge, skills, and abilities:

  • You must have a current driver’s licence with no outstanding debts.
  • Requires at least five years of verified personal driving experience for affluent or well-known clientele.
  • Must always act with the utmost prudence and integrity while handling sensitive data.
  • Backgrounds in security or law enforcement are necessary.
  • Needs to be well-versed in the NY TRI-STATE AREA, particularly New York City, and capable of navigating without a GPS.
  • Has to be completely immunised.
  • It is expected that one will have a professional manner, high ethical standards, and the capacity to protect confidential information.
  • Must be fluent in the primary language(s) utilised in the workplace in all verbal and written forms.
  • Outstanding ability to handle time.
  • Improved communication skills both in writing and speaking.
  • Possess outstanding organisational and communication abilities.

Physical Requirements:

  • The position’s physical activities and requirements are as follows:
  • Involves the use of hands, writing, standing, sitting, walking, bending, climbing, repeating motions, hearing, and visual acuity.
  • Speaking and listening happen all the time while interacting with customers, managers, and co-workers.


  • The most prevalent visual functions are close vision and depth perception, and vision occurs continuously.
  • The capacity to hear and see in order to recognise and identify emergency scenario indicators.
  • The capacity to stand, walk, and carry out necessary tasks continuously for a long time.
  • The capacity to work holidays, weekends, and late hours.
  • Must be able to pull, push, and raise objects weighing up to fifty pounds.
  • Grooming: In accordance with company standards, every employee is required to keep a tidy, clean, and well-groomed appearance.

The purpose and role of job descriptions:

We have gone over each description to make sure that just the most fundamental tasks and functions have been covered. Only duties that are incidentally related to each role have been excluded as peripheral. The minimal standards necessary to properly perform the positions have been defined, and these requirements, skills, and abilities are included. However, the outlined obligations, needs, and duties should never be taken to be all-inclusive. Supervisors may allocate additional responsibilities and functions as needed. Employment contracts are not created by, nor are job descriptions meant to be. The company continues to operate as an at-will employer.

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