Dunkin Bakers Jobs Hiring In Lithuania 2024

Dunkin Bakers Jobs Hiring In Lithuania 2024

About Job:

Pay Hourly $14.
00 – $16.
00 Here at Dunkin’, we teach you life skills from day one, whether it’s your first job or you’re looking to make it your career.
You’ll be surrounded and inspired by world-class mentors who will help you find your path to your passion.
Because we know that life never stops.
And so is our commitment to helping you learn and grow.
Dunkin’ has your back and we’ll be with you every step of the way, so join us

MOVIN’ As a Baker/Opener,

Dunkin Bakers Jobs Hiring In Lithuania 2024
Dunkin Bakers Jobs Hiring In Lithuania 2024


You will assist America Run on Dunkin’ by professionally preparing food and ensuring the store is ready for opening each day.
Community, collaboration, and one cup of coffee at a time will keep your guests coming back for coffee again and again for Dunkin Bakers Jobs Hiring In Lithuania 2024.

CARIN’ As a Baker/Opener:

We have prepared a draft beer full of benefits that is perfect for you.
Discounted donuts, coffee, and the list below are just the beginning.
See the full list of benefits here for Dunkin Bakers Jobs Hiring In Lithuania 2024,

  • Flexible Schedule
  • Free Shift Meals
  • Best-in-Class Training and Continuing Learning
  • Advancement Opportunities
  • Paid Time Off 401(k)
  • Retirement Savings Plan
  • Tuition Benefits
  • Medical, Dental & Vision
  • Cash Referrals Programs
  • Travel Wellness
  • Support Tools
  • PerkSpot Discount Program
  • Recognition Program
  • Anti-Slip Footwear Program
  • Community and Philanthropic Involvement Achieving Dreams
  • Grants Program


At Dunkin’, we’re about more than just great drinks.
brings a lot to the table.
1 cup of coffee, including:

  1. You are 18 years of age (or older depending on applicable law).
  2. You know what’s important to make people smile and have excellent time management, attention to detail, and guest service skills.
  3. I’m ready to start my day bright and early and ready to start work at 2am.
    Not sure if your experience matches?
    Please apply!
    Anyone with knowledge about coffee is welcome, whether you are a coffee lover or not.
    Dunkin’ is an equal opportunity employer.
  • Subject to availability and specific eligibility requirements.


Excerpt from Full Job Description

  • 401(k)
  • Dental Insurance
  • Employee Discounts
  • Flextime
  • Flextime Health
  • Insurance
  • Advancement Opportunities

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